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The Magical Comb is a team of women dedicated to ending your lice crisis. We have all experienced

 the struggle with lice in our own families & know how frustrating the whole process can be. While in 

this struggle, we realized that we were not alone. The Kansas City area already had several lice 

removal locations that we called to schedule treatment, but they were all booked solid. Once you

have seen a nit or bug on your child’s (or your own) head you know that waiting isn’t an option! We realized

that our area had a real need for available, convenient treatment. Once we decided to open our location, there 

was no hesitation in wanting to be a non-toxic, strand by strand treatment center-it’s simply

the best option in the market.


 Staying with industry standards, we chose The Shepherd Method. "The Shepherd Method" is a time

tested and proven "effective" means of treating once and monitoringafterwards. While combing is a

vital tool within our process, it is the methodical approach that ensures all hair has

been examined and all lice and nits removed. It also builds in several safety checks ensuring that when clients

leave our facility we have done everything possible to ensure they are lice and nit free.

Furthermore, the Shepherd Method is based on a treat once and treat right mentality that eliminates the need

for multiple treatments, as well as the needless treatments of those without head lice.”(The Shepherd Institute)

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